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Our mission? To help you create ideas that will change the world and drive your business forward with a process that’s equal parts creative and analytical.


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We’re here to be your long-term marketing partner.

We believe in the transformative power of a good story. Stories and vision have the ability to move hearts, drive action and build loyalty. But we also realize that businesses require not just a good story — you need strategic reporting and data modeling to make business decisions that win. So we strive for both. To us, that combination of stunning creativity and streamlined operations is what makes a digital marketing agency great.


Here’s what we excel at.

Orpheus Brewing

April 16, 2019

web design and development

Cryoshift Cryotherapy

February 27, 2019

web design and development

Endavo Media

December 17, 2018

small business marketing


December 17, 2018

infographics design

Impact Cryotherapy

February 27, 2019

brand building


December 17, 2018

creative marketing agency

Marketwake Passion Projects

December 17, 2018


This is what we’re known for.


If you just want someone to send a few tweets every now and then, you’re in the wrong place. We first work with a company’s leadership team to understand business goals and drivers, then we do the research and customer identification to build a comprehensive strategy with clear and tactical steps.


You know good design when you see it. We take normal everyday items like emails, case studies, and landing pages to the next level so you can start seeing results. Our design isn’t just about looking pretty — it enhances and highlights points of conversion to drive action.


We bring clarity to your message. No one will be confused by what you do, how you do it, or who it’s for. Our content writers live and breathe your industry. They join our client calls and will speak to your subject matter experts, clients, and industry leaders to make sure every word reflects your brand.


SEO is a game and we play it better than anyone else. You might have a great process but if you don’t show up on Google, people will never find you. Our SEO team has a deep technical understanding and combines it with thorough content creation to make sure you’re ranking for the keywords you need to win.


Our team has 10+ years of experience and has top results for PPC. Oftentimes, AdWords and paid media get a bad rep, and we get that, but we’ve got the best strategy to make it successful. PPC is not a set it and forget it. We play the hand, monitor constantly, and we’re obsessed with results — in a good way.  


A great marketing and business strategy is only as good as the tools you have to support it. Whether you are looking to migrate to Salesforce Lightning, implement Pardot, or create a workflow plan between departments, our team can customize, build, and launch highly complex Salesforce systems to help you achieve your goals.


Our websites are reflective of your brand, focus on conversion, and aren’t going to need to be rebuilt in a year. They’re technically sound, easy to tweak, and give you the control you’ve been waiting for — the kind that makes you feel like you know what you’re working with.


Social is not your bullhorn — it’s a conversation piece. It’s where you engage, find influencers, and uncover champions that keep coming back. But you won’t find that community if it’s a one-way conversation. We find a healthy mix between planned strategy and real-time agility.

Who’s a good fit

for Marketwake?

We typically work with companies that are $5 million and above in revenue. But revenue is not the number one reason we select our clients. We look for leaders and businesses who want to collaborate and make this partnership a long-term success. We do not work with mean or negative people.

We give our all to every client — so we need to be sure it’s a great fit for both sides. We don’t believe in a rushed or templated marketing process, so select only 3-4 clients each quarter to work with. Want to learn more about how you can work with Marketwake? We’re excited to talk.

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