What better way to experience Atlanta than through the eyes of those who love her best? Dive into everything: where to visit, what to do, where to grab a bite (and a beer), handpicked by one of the Marketwake teammates. Best part: You’ll learn a little bit about each one of us along the way!

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ATL Neighborhood: Inman Park

My favorite thing in Atlanta …

The BAPS Shri Swaminaran Mandir. It’s a traditional Hindu mandir that was built in India, taken apart piece by piece, shipped to the US, and then reassembled. It’s absolutely gorgeous (as are the grounds!). You can’t take photos inside the temple itself, but for all you architecture lovers out there, it’s stunning. Plus, they’ve got outdoor yoga on the weekends — that’s a win-win.

Credit: @maggieharney

Secret spot to grab a bite …

When I first moved here, I would’ve said Barcelona in Inman Park, no competition. (And if you love your taste buds, you should definitely go and try the whipped goat cheese and toasted bread — it’s sprinkled with paprika and honey and it’s absolutely incredible.) But my new favorite is Bellina Alimentari because I’m a sucker for a place that knows how to make great noods and I feel like I live their mantra: Food as a way of life. Part market, part bar, part self-service, I sometimes spend more time there than I do in my own kitchen (and I’m not mad about it).

bellinaalimentari Credit: @bellinaalimentari

Go-to drink spot …

For coffee, Hugh Acheson’s Spiller Park is my favorite: Get the iced latte, lovingly named the “Shake Shake.” For happy hour, BeetleCat: Go for the raw oysters and Royal Hawaiian cocktail, stay for the Wes Anderson vibe. For late night, Argosy in East ATL: beer (good), woodfire pizza (good), vintage skee-ball (best).

BeetlecatCredit: @beetlecatatl

My must-buy is …

A poster print from The High. Remember the years of grabbing an exhibition print after each mind-boggling trip to the museum? Every house I went into as a kid had a Rothko at the MoMA or a Pollack at the Telfair poster, framed and displayed like a badge of honor. At The High, it’s new and improved: You can PRINT YOUR OWN. Select your image, select your dimensions, and viola! Custom print just for you. (Your walls will thank you!)

high museum
Credit: @highmuseumofart

You can’t leave ATL without …

Exploring the farmer’s markets. I love to cook on the weekends so I go early for the best stuff, and then make something delicious later. Grant Park is a fav, as is the Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center. I’m always on the hunt for the best handmade ravioli, so hit me up if you’ve got some suggestions. I’ll bring the wine!

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