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We develop websites built for one purpose: growth.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

— Maya Angelou

Our websites are fun and easy for the visitor and the owner.

Our process starts and ends with you. Once you tell us about your brand, your needs, and your goals, we’ll build out a timeline for research and delivery built on results. We’ll factor in UX and UI design, a strong creative branding strategy, content optimization, and more for an interactive and responsive design that’s as purposeful on a desktop as it is for mobile. 

You’ll stay in the driver’s seat throughout the entire process, and then when we hand off, you’ll get exactly what you need to make managing the site easy. Our strategy as a web design company is not smoke and mirrors: We don’t need to hide the keys in order to keep your business. You’ll love our process because we make building a website exciting — not stressful.

Here’s what our website development process relies on.


Looks are great, but what is a beautiful website worth without results? From SEO to customer experience best practices, our expert research team ensures that qualified leads convert. How do we start? By asking the simple questions: What is your audience looking for and how are they going to find it? Then we bring in our visual storytelling and branding expertise to ensure your site meets each one of these needs.


Whether you have a full concept in mind or just have notes jotted down on a Post-It, we build on your vision from Day 1. You’ll set the direction by choosing a mood board, and then stay in-the-loop through each wireframe and mockup. The best part? The design will guide your visitors toward taking action on each page, all the while helping them build a strong connection with your brand.


Navigation should be easy, whether you’re on the front-end looking for a service, or on the backend looking to make an update. Our templates are flexible and our response time is fast, helping take your business to the next level with conversions across mobile, tablet, and desktop. We’ll test, maintain, and ultimately deliver more sales leads so your company can pursue its full potential.

Don’t just take it from us.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

“We’ve been working with Marketwake since 2015, and they have been one of the key reasons we’ve had such tremendous growth. They manage everything from emails to content, to promotions, to our brand new website (which we love!), and we’ve seen inbound absolutely skyrocket. Everything they implement is strategic and ties back to our company’s needs and goals. They have been instrumental in helping us on our journey to become the most visible accounting firm in the nation.”

Kenji KuramotoFounder + CEO, Acuity

“Over the past 2 years, Marketwake has truly become our marketing partner and I truly enjoy working with the entire team. Last year we also rolled our website support to Marketwake and again they handled this book of business perfectly for us. I find myself telling people all the time who does our marketing because they are always so impressed with everything Marketwake produces!”

Allyson EmanExecutive Director, Venture Atlanta

A better story is just a click away.

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