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“SEO is a marketing function for sure, but it needs to be baked into a product, not slapped on like icing after the cake is baked.”

—  Duane Forrester

SEO is an ongoing game.
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You need a strong SEO strategy so your inbound leads can find you and convert. Even if you have a fantastic product or service, it won’t matter if you aren’t showing up in your end-users search results. Our team of SEO experts understand the technical aspects so Google can easily read your site. We also know how pivotal your user experience and optimized content is when users visit your site. We create a great balance between these two aspects, so you can rank for the keywords and phrases that will make you win and be seen by your customers.

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The services that make your company and brand more visible.

Website Optimization + Technical On-going Maintenance

First, our team of certified experts will look into making it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl and index your site. Next, we’ll take a look at how your competitors are performing and cross-analyze these results with what your users are truly searching for. Only then will we create a seamless on-page SEO strategy, one that improves your site visibility as efficiently as possible.

Content Optimization

Put your content to work for you. Your customers need to know more about your offerings, and we’ll help you to plan ahead with SEO optimized blog posts, resources, and website content, so your customers can find the answers to their questions. We’ll look at your target keywords and frequently searched terms, so you can begin showing up at the right times, in the right places.

Backlinking, Commenting, + Guest Blog Post Pitching

Where are your customers talking about your product online? We’ll help you to start building links back to your website in all the right ways, so you are adding value to the conversation and helping your customers. Google cares when users talk about your website. Through backlinking, commenting, and guest blog post pitching more customers will learn about your offering, and be excited to explore your website.

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