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Did you know we also work in Salesforce? Yep, we’re nerds, and we eat our own dog food. Because how could we recommend a solution that we didn’t think was good enough for ourselves? 

Most Salesforce partners don’t use Salesforce communities, but we’re not like the other guys out there. And that’s why we created our very own Salesforce Community Portal. When you sign up for Administration Support (or during UAT for larger migrations), you’ll get one free license to our community, where you can manage, create, and update all requests and changes to your cases.

Here are the benefits of our Salesforce Community Portal:

  • Your issues never get lost in an inbox. You can log in, we can log in, and everyone can see the current status of all open cases.
  • You have a central point of service and collaboration. If you have multiple points of contact, we offer additional licenses so that you can see what everyone is requesting.
  • You get full visibility into each case. We’ll store the complete history of each case, including comments and updates, to help us reach a resolution faster.
  • Plus, our community is multi-channel, so you can email a case to the portal and later go in to check the status.

Cost = one license free with the purchase of monthly support.* 

Each additional license is $18 per user per month. 

*Possible free licenses built into migration or implementation contracts during UAT



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