Orpheus Brewing is a creative, artisanal brewery specializing in wild fermentation,
old barrels, and juicy hops, and located in the heart of Atlanta.

Website Design + Development

Incorporating on-page SEO optimization, site stability and security, as well as primary calls to action, we designed and developed an interactive experience for Orpheus’s biggest fans to dig deeper into the website and truly experience what the brand is all about.

UX Design

Orpheus’s unique branding personality was essential in mapping out, designing, and developing a creative user journey for website visitors. By building out targeted assets, such as an interactive event calendar and responsive design blocks, we built a meaningful, relevant experience for their clients.

Brand Identity

Orpheus’s origin story — as the homebrew fantasy of a trumpet-player-turned-brewmaster — is the epitome of their brand. By adding in elements of the brand’s grassroots and lighthearted intentions, we crafted an experiential digital identity that shared their humble beginnings and optimized their unique offering.