On a quest to stay curious, Ian discusses the most searched words on Google in the past 6 months and Google trends from the past year. Stay tuned until the end, you might be shocked by some of the terms. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Hey there I’m Ian and I’m a Marketing Wizard here at Marketwake. Do you get curious? Oh, gee I know I sure do get really curious a lot of times. And what do you do when you get curious? You hop on Google and you search it. And so today we’re going to talk about the most searched words on Google in the past six months. So let’s hop right into it.

Number one, Facebook. Over two billion people in the past six months searched just the word Facebook. Number two, YouTube. Number three, Google. What- you’re already on Google, why are you searching Google? That’s just, that’s just plain not smart. Number four and five- maybe you use Gmail, maybe you use Hotmail. If you use either of those then you might have searched it in the past six months, and you would fall under one of five hundred million searchers that searched those two.

What category would you think when you hear five of this category is in the top 29? It’s porn. Porn that makes up five of the top 28 searches on Google. Who would have thought?

Random Keywords

Next, we’re going to dive into a few random keywords that snuffed it away into the top 100. The word grammes spelled G-R-A-M-M-E-S, what’s up with that? Well, that’s how the Brits spell it. And that comes in at 34th.

Number 53, the word glob. When I think of glob I think of some sort of, you know liquidy substance you know, on a table or on the ground. But turns out it’s a term used in computer programming. So that’s how it made its way in there.

Most Asked Questions

Next, we’re going to dive into the most asked questions. You get curious, you ask a question. You might have asked one of these in the past six months. What is my IP? What time is it? How to register to vote? How to tie a tie? Can you run it? Well, a few surprise questions that caught my attention.

When is Mother’s Day? When is Father’s Day? Sorry dad’s you didn’t get searched as much. How to make pancakes? That’s fun. What does SMH mean? SMH means shaking my head, there saved you a search.

Weird Ones

Now we’re going to dive into some weird ones that I found. How old am I? If you don’t know what age you are, then maybe you need to go see a doctor.

How do you spell? If you don’t know how to spell, maybe you should go back to grammar school.

How to make slime? I don’t know why that made it, but it did. And then a few other ones that caught my attention: What is this song? Who sings this song? So you can kind of see the Google home/Alexa searches being thrown in there.

World Trends

Next, we’re going to dive into world trends of 2018. So these are the most searched trends from last year. The World Cup, hurricane Florence, Mac Miller, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain. RIP to the final three of that top five.


Food. These are the top searched food trends of 2018: Unicorn cake, romaine lettuce, CBD gummies, keto pancakes, and keto cheesecake. Well, keto’s sneaking in there, last two.


Musicians. Top five musicians trends searched in the last year: Demi Lovato, Eminem, Arianna Grande, Rick Ross, and Cardi B. And that is the conclusion to my list.

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