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We’re here to bring brands to life — better and stronger than they can imagine themselves. So if you’re on the hunt for something bigger than “just another one of those digital marketing jobs,” you’ve come to the right place. 

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We’re a world-class digital marketing agency. It’s bold, but it’s true.


When you’re a part of our team, we’ll ask you to do a lot of things. Challenge yourself and your peers. Leave your inhibitions at the door. Be open and engaged.


With us, thinking outside of the box isn’t enough — you’ve got to obliterate the box and then keep going.


We admire passion, discipline, and honesty, but above all else, we believe in the strength of building relationships. Our team is our family, and together we have the kind of impact that reverberates.


See where we’re hiring.

PPC and SEM Specialist
Marketwake is seeking a PPC and SEM Specialist to build, manage, maintain and optimize our client Paid Media campaigns. We are looking for someone with experience in successfully managing PPC campaigns who has a working knowledge of latest trends and requirements to help our clients grow.
Social Media Manager
Have you hit the sweet spot in using both the right and left sides of your brain? You might be perfect for our team. At Marketwake, social media management is equal parts science and creativity, and you're going to need ample amounts of both because we need someone to do more than keep up. We want someone to lead with data and design. Other words to describe the perfect person for this position? Proactive, detail-oriented, organized, flexible, and trend-conscious. If you feel confident pitching to big clients with even bigger ideas, let's talk.
Account Manager
If client relationships are an art (and they are) are you a Michelangelo or a Banksy? We’re looking for more than a traditional account manager — we’re looking for innovative tactics, real ideas, and an attitude that smashes through the status quo. If you’re passionate about building workflows and have the gut instincts of a natural born leader, let’s talk.
Do you excel in communication, bringing ideas to paper, and developing tone and voice? We are looking for someone experienced in writing across various industries and able to articulate expertise for B2B and B2C clients.

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