We’ve all heard it: Work harder, not smarter.

With new marketing tools launched on a weekly basis, keeping up with what’s out there can feel like a never-ending task. However, it’s important to be aware of what new tools are actually beneficial so you can gain a competitive edge. Not only can they help you streamline and improve some of your everyday processes, but they’ll also save you time and money. That’s a win-win to us.  

From apps to help you improve your digital assets to SEO hacks, here’s a roundup of the top five tools that can help you make the most out of 2019.

1.  Crello

As attention spans continue to plummet, it’s important to ensure that the content you’re sharing is as engaging as possible. According to Wyzowl, 80% of people remember what they see and only 20% remember what they read, meaning your visuals need to be really impressive to get the clicks. Crello, a graphic design software, delivers animation features that absolutely rock. It’s become my favorite online image editor for that reason, plus, it’s free!

2. Mailcharts

You know how you like to subscribe to your competitions emails to keep tabs on what they’re doing? Mailcharts does it for you. As an email optimizer platform, you’ll stay up to date with your competitors (the free version allows you to track up to three), including keeping track of how often they discount and how they segment their email lists. Mailcharts will also help you optimize your email program by delivering content and design guidance from the industry’s top email senders.

3.  Multi Follow

Are you spending hours following and unfollowing new people to generate social engagement? With this Chrome extension, you can finally put that practice to bed. Multi Follow makes it easy for you to bulk follow on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and it’s free. If you want to upgrade, Multi Follow also has Twitter Pro, which allows you to automatically like Twitter posts as well.

4. SEOQuake

Need an SEO Audit done instantly? SEOQuake is a powerful SEO tool for your browser that allows you to check SEO on any page for free. Just download the free extension to your browser, and you’ll be able to conduct on-page SEO audits, examine internal and external links, compare domains and URLs in real time, and export data files.

5. Siftery

Want to continue to stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies available? Siftery is a platform that arms you with the tools you need to stay relevant in your industry. Just submit your email, select your industry, and the platform will generate recommendations about the latest technology you need to be successful. You’ll see how it’s working for companies just like yours, as well as the current market share, so you’ll be able to make an educated guess about whether it’s right for you before you take the plunge.

If there was anything we could get behind for 2019, it’s this: We don’t get paid for hard work, we get paid for smart thinking and these tools are a great way to get there. So let us know how these help you improve your business, we’d be excited to here about your success. Or if we’ve left out one of your favorites, reach out. We’re always open to adding new tech to our toolbox!

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