Why Marketwake is Proud to Be Pardot Certified

December 6th, 2016 / By: Kait Van Pelt / Marketing

I have a confession to make. Last year, my mother-in-law (who happens to be a professional chef – no big deal) kindly gifted me a beautiful set of kitchen tools and gadgets. I don’t consider myself to be a terrible cook. I’m actually pretty proud of what I can do in the kitchen, making due with the tools I have on hand. With promises that cooking would take “far less time and be immensely more delicious,” I was wary, but intrigued. Because let’s be honest, who has time to learn a whole new system when what you have….works?

No, this is not a cooking blog. I’m sharing because day in and day out, we hear how overwhelming it can be to pick up a new marketing system. You are good at what you do, but know it could be better. Perhaps you’ve already invested in the marketing tools and gadgets you are told will help you win big. But then what? Where do you start? How do you optimize it? How do you create better marketing-sales alignment? How can you automate without messing up everything you currently have going?

I’ll save you the suspense – yes, I finally swallowed my pride and let my mother-in-law teach me and, as much as I hate to admit it, she was right. Cooking is easier, tastes better and what used to take hours in the kitchen has been reduced to minutes. Knowing how to leverage the right tools made all the difference.

At Marketwake, we use marketing automation daily to help our clients reach (and often surpass) their goals. Knowing that strong marketing automation can help us with our own marketing efforts, we set off to gain a deep and thorough understanding of how to best use for every client. One of our favorite tools for digital marketing campaigns? Pardot – a B2B marketing automation solution by Salesforce offering seamless marketing and sales alignment.

While we could geek out for hours over the tool and all of its capabilities, Pardot (in all of its glory) is just that…a tool. Achieving any real results all comes down to strategy and implementation. In our opinion, that’s the fun part – yet so many businesses are failing to get the most out of their automation tools.

The sad state of marketing automation utilization

49% of companies are currently using marketing automation, yet 59% of them do not use available marketing technology to its full potential. Much like my underutilized kitchen tools, marketers and business owners are investing in expensive marketing automation platforms with big dreams of ROI only to find themselves overwhelmed with possibility and underwhelmed with results, lacking the resources necessary to get the most out of such an expansive tool.

That’s why team Marketwake is proud to be Pardot Certified. In fact, we represent one of less than 1,000 Certified Pardot Consultants across the globe. As a Select and Registered Pardot Partner, we had to take an extensive test (Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant exam) to prove our knowledge – taking our marketing automation obsession to a whole new level.

Choosing a Pardot implementation partner

Whether you are considering making the jump to a new system, or you currently have Pardot and are looking to breath new life into your automation process, it’s important to find a partner you trust to help you get the most out of this very powerful platform. This is where Marketwake can help in a big way.

We’re more than just an activation partner. We’re a marketing agency bringing a true marketing perspective throughout the entire implementation process and beyond. Rather than just telling your team WHAT to do, we have the expertise to explain WHY to help you build a solid marketing automation foundation that will last.

The Marketwake way – empowering your team to succeed

Our Pardot implementation packages go above and beyond a standard implementation. Our team starts by getting to know you, your team, your business and your current process. Through this understanding, we will create a custom implementation plan to help you activate the right tools at the right time. Whether it’s building role-based dynamic content, creating page actions, establishing new connectors, or building out a progressive profiling process, we’ve got you completely covered from from basic setup to advanced optimization.

We understand how vital it is to have strong marketing-sales alignment for your company to close deals faster. So we will help train both teams on best practices and how to work together to use Pardot to reach both marketing and sales goals simultaneously.

At the end of the day, Pardot is just a tool. Strategy brings it to life. By choosing Marketwake as your implementation partner, you can rest easy knowing that you have a marketing automation expert in your back pocket as your business grows. We’re your biggest fans and can’t wait to see you reach big success.

Ready to foster deeper connection between your marketing and sales team? Learn more about our Pardot implementation package options.

Note: This is part one of our new “Mastering Marketing Automation” series. Check back in for tips, tricks and how to’s on all things Pardot and marketing automation strategy.

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